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P R O M O T R A M E  S . A
Chemin Moulin Benoit Prolongé
Tél : +33 322 261 137
Fax : +33 322 261 855
Mail: contact&promotrame.com





   PROMOTRAME has, for more than 55 years, been capitalizing an experience in recycling and adding value to the industrial waste and recovery materials composed of metals, such as cables, electronics, common metal effluents.

  Historically involved in the metal treatment of the telecom cables (lead, shielded) for the french government, it slowly recovered a wider range of activities in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals (electrical engines, analogic phone centers, electrical bays, …), then in the electronics (computers, peripherals, components, boards, …).

Today, PROMOTRAME is closely linked to big-sized metals firms, refiners, and transnational businesses.


  PROMOTRAME has always adapted, modernized its processes depending on the evolution of the market. This way, PROMOTRAME is able to find any efficient recycling solution for its customers and suppliers, as well as increasing quality and decreasing time delays.
This is part of its know-how, and actually one of its keys to success.


  PROMOTRAME increases added-value of the metallic waste by adapting specific treatments in order to be valuably chosen by the most famous refining companies.


  Mainly completed by separating each metal to get a metal valorisation, and other effluents (plastics, packagings...) to get an energetic valorisation.


  PROMOTRAME can, according to the customer needs, operate on-site recycling processes, using its own tools and staff.



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